God spoke a word and gave a vision. That word and vision have become reality through the obedience of Pastor Barry S. Mitchell. Back in 1988, Pastor and First Lady Mitchell began having Bible classes in their home, not completely understanding how long it was going to be before the Lord was ready to bring the vision to fruition. Knowing that God’s timing is not always ours, they decided to wait until God was ready for them to move further. Pastor Mitchell, under the auspices of Bishop A.C. Jackson, moved forward with the vision that God had given him. Bishop Jackson said, “I knew it was time; I just wondered what took you so long to realize what the Lord was calling for you to do.” But Bishop Jackson’s greatest advice to Pastor Mitchell was, “Son, don’t knock down any doors; just walk through the ones God opens.” Pastor Mitchell’s vision became reality on October 12, 1998, at the Ramada Plaza Hotel, Two Notch Road, Columbia, SC.

In our development, the ministry has moved from the Ramada Plaza, to the dance center in 1998, to the facilities at Rhame Road in 1999, and then to E. L. Wright Middle School in 2002. As the vision continued to be revealed, God allowed us to move into our own edifice on May 23, 2004 at 300 Lee Road in Northeast Columbia, SC. Truly, this is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes.

In January 2007, after seeking the Lord and much prayer, the church was renamed from Northeast Bibleway Temple to Open Door Christian Ministries by Pastor Mitchell. When we began, we had only a few, but now we are blessed to have a multiplicity of ministries, from the Women’s Ministry to the Youth Department, Brotherhood, Married Couples Ministry, and others. So God is increasing our borders and enlarging our territory. We can still see the manifestation of God in the lives of many. We have increased in membership and attendance, and we are seeing souls being baptized, saved, and delivered. All praise to God!

Bishop Mitchell, the Senior Pastor of Open Door, served in many different roles, including Sunday School teacher, Youth President, musician, assistant pastor, interim pastor, adjutant, choir director, assistant convention manager, and assistant and general secretary, just to name a few. He’s remembered for his story-telling, guitar playing, contagious laughter, fashion sense, humor, being the go-to handyman, being an organ enthusiast, being a family man, his love for outdoor recreation, and his love for God.

We are Spending a Lifetime of Walking Through Open Doors!