District Elder James Sears Jr.

District Elder James Sears Jr. is a native of Memphis Tennessee. Pastor Sears is a man of God who was led at an early age to motivate and inspire generations of people.

District Elder Sears graduated from Whitehaven High School in 1996. He then continued his education at Crichton College of Biblical Studies and is currently in pursuit of continuing his education at Manna University.

In 2005 and at the age of 28, District Elder Sears was installed as the Senior Pastor of Henry Pentecostal Apostolic Church in Henry, TN. Henry Pentecostal membership grew considerably, receiving over 300 souls the first year of his pastoring.

Being a man of vision, in 2008 District Elder Sears implemented a Debt Free Vision plan to pay off the church mortgage within two and half years instead of the previously proposed five-year plan. Successfully, it was paid off in less time and in June of 2009 Henry Pentecostal Church held its Mortgage Burning Celebration for the completion of this vision. The following year in 2010, the land for the future edifice was paid off as well.

In December 2020, Pastor Sears accepted the call and moved to Columbia, SC where he became the Senior Pastor of Open Door Christian Ministries.

Additionally, District Elder Sears also serves as the Chairman of the International Youth Conference for the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith International Inc. In July 2020, he was consecrated to the office of District Elder.

District Elder Sears continually strives for better church and community through Jesus Christ. He is influencing change and bringing hope to the lives of those he comes contact with daily. This is evident through the boundless energy he displays and his enthusiasm for souls, growth and productivity.

District Elder Sears is married to Lady Nicole Sears and sharing in their joy are three children: Jayden, Janiah, and Jeremiah Sears.